Ultrabook vs notebook vs netbook

or or – – Which Should be your choice?????

      Most often laptop buyers are confused regarding the decision of buying a Laptop. Confusion arise regarding the Brand of the Laptop (Check in Here for the Best Laptop Brands), Model, Storage Space available, speed, display quality, etc. One of the confusion people normally have is regarding that whether they should buy “Ultrabook” , “Notebook” or a “Netbook”. Buyers also have confusion regarding the basic meaning regarding Notebooks and Ultrabooks.

     In this post we have discussed briefly the meaning of both Ultrabooks and Notebooks, their key features, Pros and Cons of each, so that you can rightly choose between them and make the best out of it. So let’s catch it up, and get the best for you…


  • Notebooks were simply a little smaller than laptops – something you could carry around anywhere.
  • Screen sizes vary between 12 – 18 inches, though 15″is the average.
  • They have DVD Support and Higher storage capacity compared to an Ultrabooks.
  • Notebooks also have the largest screen size compared to other laptops, so if you have frequent video editing work, you love watching videos or movies , then, Netbooks are the one you are looking for.
  • Notebooks allow most features that a normal desktop offers. It usually comes with built-in multiple USB portsand is also capable of processing high-end graphics and is suitable for gaming.
  • Notebooks are generally priced at a higher range than desktops.


  • Ultrabooks are a specific type of laptops. In many ways, they look and behave more or less like regular notebooks. 
  • But they do have to meet a set of criteria in order to get the “ultrabook” title, criteria set by Intel, who in fact established this class of computers a while ago.
  • An Ultrabook is a thinlightweightand portable device with the processing power of a notebook.
  • They are designed to provide benefits of both notebooks and netbooks at the cost of a higher price.
  • These are specifically designed to be of lightweight and easily portable


  • Netbooks can be termed as older version of iPads
  • Come in with very small screen size (Less than 11-12 inches). They are not supported with no DVD Drive, have fewer connectivity options and ports.
  • These are one of the most lightest of the computers
  • These have been basically designed for smaller tasks such as Social Media, E-mail, etc. requiring low processing power and storage
  • With a massive development in field of Smartphone Technology and due to thinning down of Ultrabooks, value of Netbooks have diminished recently.


Notebook or Ultrabook or Netbook – – A Comparative Analysis

Now Since we have a Basic idea of these three type of Laptops, let us dig deep into a comparative analysis of each of these with the other so that we can decide upon the right one for us.

Basis Notebook Ultrabook Netbook
Size Normal
Laptop Size
Smaller than  Laptops
smaller than standard laptops
Design Well designed  Specifically designed for potability Simple design
Weight Quite
Heavy (>2kgs)
(<1.5 kgs)
Support Features Contains most of the support features of a Desktop Fewer support fetures compared to Notebook Contains only Basic support features
Speed Very
at par with Notebooks
Slower Speed
Storage High Data storage available High Data storage available Very Low data storage capabilities (around
Usage Ready
for multitasking
for multitasking
Have  lower ability to perform multi tasks, due
to lower processor capacities
Gaming Supports heavy gaming Supports light & medium gaming (Newer models having enhanced
processors supports heavy gaming too)
Supports very light gaming
Demand Notebooks have good demand Ultrabooks have great demand and is ever increasing due to its smaller size and larger
With the introduction of smartphones and iPads, demand for Netbooks have flaeen down. However, it is still in fashion for its cheap price and portability
Recommended for All major tasks including office work, browsing
,heavy gaming, HD movies , video editing , programming, etc.
Supports most of the works of a Notebook.Due to its light weight, it is in great demand for frequent travellers. Specific processor and Graphics Card is required for heavy gaming Serves and alternative to Notebooks and
Ultrabooks, provides the best portability. However, Netbooks are not recommended for regular gaming and other heavy tasks


   Though all these types of laptops have their own advantages & disadvantage, the choice of one of the depends on the specific requirements and the budget of the user. Each of these types of Laptops is suitable for one or more purposes but not for all. One cannot get all the above features in a single Laptop. Thus, you have to strike a balance between your requirements and the features of these laptops.

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