Chromebook Vs. Laptops – The Difference Between Chromebook & Laptop

Chromebook vs Laptop – How  a  Chromebook is different from a Laptop?

      Different people have different preferences & choices regarding their Laptops. Given so many different products in the market, selecting the right one for you often leads to confusion, isn’t it? But you should not worry as we know your problems & are always there to resolve it. One of the difficult decision, specially for the students is to choose between Chromebooks & Laptops.

     In this post, we have made a complete analysis of “Chromebooks & Laptops”. We have reviewed the features of both Chromebooks & normal Laptops & have presented our research result to you in a simplified version, so that you can choose the right one for you without much hassle. So why wait?, let’s get started.



  • Chromebook is a type of Laptop which is based on Chrome Operating System developed by
  • Chromebooks are light in weight and provides more portability as compared to other Laptops.
  • Most of the Apps installed in a Chromebook are Cloud based. This means, Internet connect is required to run most of the Apps on Chromebook.
  • Heavily depends on Google Applications & Support. Google based apps such as Google Drive, Google Calendar & other runs best on Chromebooks.
  • Some of the Chromebooks are now capable of Running Android Operating System & support Playstore Applications.
  • Most of Third party Apps (other than those of Google) are not supported on Chromebooks. Popular software such as Microsoft Office is not available on Chromebooks which is a big drawback.
  • Most of the Chromebooks are equipped with Intel Processors.
  • Almost all Chromebooks comes with SSD rather than HDD which provides higher data transfer rate & speed but tends to be a bit costly.
  • Chromebooks offers higher online security with very low chances of damages from virus and other malwares as the OS designed provides safety from exploitation of data.
  • Chromebooks require Google Cloud Print Technology, which is one of the greatest drawbacks of using Chromebooks.



  • Laptops generally have no specific operating systems. They run different types of operating systems such as Window, Linux, Mac, Ubuntu, OS X on Macbooks, etc.
  • Laptop’s don’t solely depend only limited apps & software’s as in case of Chromebooks. You can install any number or any type of software’s or apps on a Laptop irrespective of its source.
  • Laptops can be easily connected to a local printer or hardware devices with the help of Drivers programs.
  • Windows Laptops generally require high power for running as they support multiple applications, software’s & different tasks simultaneously. They are more heavier utilize more resources as compared to Chromebooks
  • Most Laptops depends on HDD. Modern Laptops also do come up with SSD.
  • Since Laptop’s require good hardware configuration, they tend to be heavier as compared to Chromebooks. The weight of a Laptop depends on its features, hardware setup, etc. Light weight laptops are also available t which provides good portability.
  • Laptops are good to use for any purpose. As the usability varies from person to person, Laptops are flexible & suitable for the use the of almost any purpose.
Basis Chromebook Laptop
Operating System Chrome OS Windows, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu,etc.
Price Cheaper as compared to Laptops Much Costlier
Battery Duration Longer duration. Some of the Chromebooks can last for upto 9  hrs. Comparatively short (normally upto 6-8hrs)
Application Support Supports most of the Google Apps & few third party Apps Support almost all Applications including third party programs
Gaming Chromebooks are not specifically designed for gaming. It only supports few light games Modern Laptops are capable of running almost nay game. However, high-end games demand strong configuration.
Storage Mostly SSD with limited storage capacity HDD or SDD with higher storage capacity
Internet Dependability Highly depends on strong Internet connection for running smoothly Most of the apps installed locally can also work without internet
Security Provides high inbuilt security Relies on third party apps for strong security
Printing & Scanning Cloud Printing requires the printer to be connected to the internet Can be easily connected to local printers
Suitable for Mostly students & people with limited use  Can be customized for any purpose


   Of Course, the choice of a particular Chromebook or a Laptop depends on the Budget of the user, his likes & preferences & the purpose for which he is going to use it. Although Chrome books are more budget friendly, they do not support major third party applications & in the present scenario, you never know which application r software may come handy to you.

    One the other hand normal Laptops allows you to customize you software need completely as per your requirements. But they are costly use of more resources as compared to Chromebooks. However, Laptops enjoy a superior place than Chromebooks since they are highly customized & provides higher adaptability.


[Special Thanks : Priya Singh]

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