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We know you are smart and busy, so we hereby bring you the best laptop buying guide in the industry for the smartest decision for buying a laptop. We don’t want you to waste your precious time in reading multi lines paragraphs, hundred’s of pages or asking friends and strangers for guide. So let’s get started

  • Screen Size/Quality

Laptop Size

  • It should be comfortable to look at for long hours
  • Resolution shall be neither too high, nor too low
  • Graphics designers and gamer shall focus on “Large Screen” laptops, since it fulfills their objective much better. Traveler’s should go for 12-14 inch laptops.
  • IPS display is must nowadays.

  • Weight

    Laptop Weight

    • For home use or for less frequent travel’s, weight is not a big concern
    • For travelers’ choose light weighted laptops with strong outer cover
    • Ultrabooks are recommended here for people preferring slim and light laptops
  • CPU/Processor

    Laptop CPU/Processor

    • At present, anything below Corei3 is considered as obsolete
    • Small laptops have slow processors, since they don’t have cooling systems.
    • For office/lightgamers Core i3 and Core i5 is the best
    • For heavy gamers, video editors and large programmers, Core i7 is the only savior.
  • RAM

Laptop RAM

  • This is one of the most important factors to be considered
  • Higher the RAM, higher the speed and multi-tasking
  • For  heavy gamers, video editors 8-16GB are recommended.
  • For office work/light gaming 4GB is considered very well.
  • Keyboard


    Laptop Keyboard

    • For people required to type long paragraphs, or to make long presentations, comfortable keyboard is of utmost importance
    • It should be comfortable, with space between keys
    • Laptops having additional keys like multimedia, email, music player, web are in great fashion
    • Make sure the keys are properly covered in plastic, so that the marks don’t fade away after prolonged use.
  • Storage/Hard Disk (HDD)

    Laptop Storage/ Hard Disk

    • This directly affects the quantum of data you deal with
    • SSD offers a higher speed than a normal HDD. However, SSD have lower capacity
    • Not only the storage, speed Of HDD shall also be taken into consideration
    • Presently, ITB storage is a must. However, low end users can go for 500GB-1TB range
    • Best products in HDD are Seagate, SATA & Western Digital.

  • Graphics Cards

    Laptop Graphics Card

    • An important factor for heavy gamers
    • Recent development in graphics have led to the increasing importance of these nowadays
    • For office purposes or light gaming, core i3 integrated graphics is good enough
    • For gamers, AMD Radeon, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, NVIDIA Quadro are the best ones


  • Battery Life

    Laptop Battery Life

    • Have a proper look at Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh), higher the better
    • Always go for a Genuine Battery
    • Arclyte Technologies provides one of the best batteries in the industry and has very strong customer support.


  • Last but not the least……….


    • You cannot have all the features in one PC/Laptop, so, try to strike a balance between above, as per your requirements
    • Look for a laptop with DVD, it serves as a backup in case of a system damage or failure.
    • At present, USB port below 3.0 is not recommended. This provides higher data transfer rate to external HDD.

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[Special Thanks: Priya Singh, Cheif Editor]


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